June 29, 2017
'Batman V Superman' News: More Batmobile Photos

Anyone that follows Batman v Superman was talking about the Batmobile Tuesday, after photos of the famous vehicle being moved surfaced online. Even though there has been no sighting of its owner, Batman, yet, fans are super excited to finally see what the new version of the legendary car looks like, and it didn't disappoint.

On Tuesday, the Inquisitr reported on the first, on-set sightings, of the much awaited Batmobile, which Batman (Ben Affleck) uses to chase down the bad guys. A photo of the superhero car under wraps was captured and posted on Twitter by user Christopher James (@lumutb).

Well, we finally got the best look at the batmobile to date and its crazy. All the fanboys and girls are still analyzing what they have seen posted online. Check out these additional photos of the Batmobile posted on Batman News shared by a couple of Instagram users, who happened to look out their window and found the epic vehicle right in front of their eyes (lucky!).

Batman v Superman batmobile photo.
'Batman v Superman' batmobile (Photo via Instagram @mole6674)

If this batmobile photo isn't enough to get you excited (and what fan wouldn't be), another Instagram user, Arthru Macroru (@amacro13) posted one more close-up from the Batman v Superman set Tuesday night. It's impressive.

Batman v Superman batmobile on the set

One last photo of our new batmobile was shared by the website Ain't it Cool on Wednesday and is shows the car parked on a street in Detroit.

Batman v Superman batmobile new photo

On Twitter, we also can see a couple of photos of a car that sort of looks like a batmobile, but is definitely not Batman's vehicle of choice. According to this Twitter user, this appears to be a stunt double batmobile.

And there you have it. The latest and greatest batmobile photos available (for now at least). According to our reporting, several sources indicate that filming of the Batman v Superman production will continue through Friday, September 12. The shoots have moved to nighttime, to allow for Batman to do his thing.

But so far nobody has spotted Ben Affleck in his new costume and we're not really sure whether we will actually get to see any of it at this point. You may remember we got a good look at Henry Cavill on the Batman v Superman set, showing off his Superman costume, but he must have been scolded, as the next time he kept that black robe firmly closed, so as to avoid us from getting any more peeks at him. Stay tuned to all the latest on the Zack Snyder blockbuster.

[Image via Instagram]