Erin Burnett Gets Engaged, Talks About New Show

It's been a good week for Erin Burnett. The CNBC reporter will be celebrating her new show on CNN, as well as her engagement to Citigroup executive David Rubulotta, this weekend.

Burnett will be taking over CNN's 7 p.m. slot starting this Monday. CNN is moving John King USA to the 6 p.m. slot to make room for Erin Burnett OutFront. Burnett told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that she is going to focus on putting out a quality show and not worry about ratings.

Burnett said:

"Once you start doing that, it's like death. We just want to put on a show that we're passionate about and fulfills its mission."
Burnett told the Hollywood Reporter that her new show will focus on the Middle East, China's growing influence and women's issues.

Burnett said:

"I'm a female anchor in primetime. It's a strength we can take advantage of."
Here's a short preview from Erin Burnett OutFront.

CNN Worldwide president Jim Walton said:

"Erin is the kind of all-star player that knows how to connect-the-dots and translate events into relevant information for viewers."
Getting her own show is a huge achievement, but that isn't the only thing that Burnett has to celebrate. Burnett also recently got engaged.

The New York Post reports that Rubulotta proposed to Burnett last month, but it wasn't until the launch party of her new show that the engagement was made public.

Do you think Erin Burnett will be successful in CNN's prime time spot?