Persian Cat Hospitalizes Owner After Bath Attempt Goes Terribly Wrong

A Persian cat put his owner in hospital for six days after she made the cardinal error of trying to bathe old fluffy.

Anyone with more than a passing acquaintance with the pussy population will be acutely aware that in essence, cats are fundamentally unhinged, mentally unstable and deeply psychotic creature.

Their one saving grace is they're not hypocrites about it. Cats are more than happy to acknowledge they're ruthless killers who enjoy hunting, maiming and torturing small animals just for the hell of it.

In fact, if you look closely into Mr. Pussycat's eyes you'll realize that they're forever looking at us humans and lamenting, "If only I were bigger than you. What a rum old time you and I could enjoy together."

As long as you show these adorable creatures with unacceptable features a certain respect and allow them to maintain their precious dignity at all times, felines will tend to be friendly rather than ferocious towards you.

What, under no circumstances, should you ever attempt to do, is bathe your cat. Cats like to keep clean, but cats and water don't mix.

It's a simple fact of life. Cats just don't like being immersed in the wet stuff, as 57-year-old British woman Lesley Pleasant found out to her cost when she tried to bathe her 10-month-old Persian cat Oscar.

Like a lot of cats, Oscar had fleas, but when Mrs. Pleasant tried to bathe her cat it all went wrong, terribly wrong.

"He doesn't like to be groomed, so I decided I'd try to give him a bath first - I have another Persian, and a dog, and they are both fine with being bathed, but Oscar really wasn't."
The Daily Mail reported that during the bath, Oscar flew up the arms of Mrs. Pleasant and sunk his claws into her artery.

So tenacious was Oscar's grip, that it took Mrs. Pleasant's 16-year-old daughter Alisha, 30 seconds to remove his claws from her mom's arm.

"Oscar flew up my arm, and my daughter had to ease his claws out of my skin. I was covered in scratches, but one, on the inside of my elbow was really deep. It hurt like anything, but it didn't bleed, so I just got on with my day."
As the day progressed, Mrs. Pleasant began to suffer from terrible headaches and found she couldn't move her arm. She was also suffering from a high temperature and headache.

Just hours after the attack Mrs. Pleasant's arm had ballooned to twice its size, and she could not get out of bed.

"My arm had swollen up and looked like one of those long, sausage balloons you get," said the mother of one.

The gymnastics coach was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with septicemia or blood poisoning caused by Oscar's attack.

Thankfully, after six days in hospital Mrs. Pleasant made a full recovery and was allowed to return home to Oscar the cat, who will no doubt be immensely grateful that he will not have to suffer the indignity of a bath ever again.

"From now on, my cats are having their flea treatments by injection - it's so much easier," said Mrs. Pleasant.