WWE News: Chris Jericho Possibly Injured On ‘Monday Night Raw?’

Monday Night Raw provided entertainment that the WWE Universe rarely sees anymore. As a whole, the show hardly raised the ratings from the previous week. Two nights ago, it was dubbed the “Season Premier” of Monday Night Raw. It received many mentions on the program and promised many spectacular moments. A certain veteran and youngster provided one of those spectacular moments.

Chris Jericho, widely considered as one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history, started off Raw with a steel cage against the deranged Bray Wyatt. This gave the WWE Universe a rubber match for the ages. It went back-and-forth for most of the match until Jericho broke out the good stuff.

Near the match’s conclusion, Jericho climbed to the top of the cage with Wyatt down on the canvas. Then, he proceeded to do the unthinkable.

That came from Jericho’s Instagram account, in which he bragged about a 43-year old man diving down over 15 feet onto Wyatt. Regardless of his age, that was classic-Jericho in the ring on Monday night. The WWE Universe hasn’t witnessed a dive from the top of the cage since Cody Rhodes’ moonsault from the top of the cage. That was at a house show. By the way, Seth Rollins dove off the top of the cage onto Roman Reigns during the main event.

So, Jericho invented that too, I presume.

There hasn’t been anything close to what Jericho attempted on Raw in quite some time. Now, with daredevil-antics comes sacrifice and consequences. Ringside News is reporting that Jericho might’ve sustained an injury during the match, but not when it was most expected.

“Diamond Dallas Page noted to F4Wonline.com today that Chris Jericho texted him last night after RAW and said he believes he may have broken his toe while doing the Lionsault in the cage match against Bray Wyatt.”

Y2J got very lucky on Raw as that big drop from atop the cage could’ve done serious damage to his knees. After the fall, take notice of his knee-pads. He clearly doubled or tripled the padding, so the fall would take less out of the landing. If many claim to have noticed that before the match began, then props to you.

Jericho is a top-star in the WWE, regardless of when he returns. WWE could be in the middle of a groundbreaking feud with two young superstars, then Jericho will return and claim a spotlight of his own. At his age, he is a definite WWE Hall of Fame wrestler. Hopefully, he won’t be inducted for a long time because I certainly don’t want him to retire anytime soon.

Jericho’s current run with the WWE is ending soon, so get enough of the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla as you can. His podcast is a huge success and Fozzy still tours around the world. Hopefully, Jericho doesn’t realize that he never needs WWE again. Those returns are too valuable.

Return. Put Over Young Superstar. Leave. Repeat.

[Image via voicesofwrestling.com]