Trusper – New Social Media App For iPhone and Android

Trusper is the latest trend in social media apps for iPhone and Android cellphones, according to KHVH. With over five million users in less than a year, the phone app brings about 10 million views per day by offering tips about any and all lifestyle areas. From cooking to beauty, Trusper began as a health and beauty app. Elvis Duran promoted the new phone app in today’s radio morning show, claiming it is “trending” as new users join each day.

TechCrunch explains that Jack Jia, the “brainchild” behind Trusper, launched the $6.17 million product for iPhone earlier this year to great reviews. The new mobile app is a modern-day farmer’s almanac. Its quick success without corporate sponsorship is impressive as KHVH notes that Twitter and Facebook took four and seven years, respectively, to gain advertising interest for their social media apps. Currently, Elvis Duran adds that the app is free to all users.

Trusper describes itself as a “free mobile app and website that allows you to quickly share and discover tips of daily life with trusted friends, family, and fans.”Wonder of Tech commends the app, and its reward-based incentives for users to join and post for points to redeem at Sephora, Starbucks, Amazon and other popular retailers. Quality tips receive the most rewards from Trusper, which gets its clever name from a hybrid of the words, “trusted” and “helper,” according to Jia.

Since its June 2013 launch, Trusper grew quickly from 2000 users to 20,000 users in one month’s time. By January 2014, Trusper had 5 million users. Jia boasts, “It quickly became viral, not only on the user front but on the topic front as well.”

Inquisitr has reported on new app trends before, noting the arrival of “French Girls” and “Hanx Writer.” From creative mobile apps for selfies and pictures to Tom Hanks’ clever touchscreen typewriter, apps are a growing business and social media “must” for all iPhone and Android users. The Trusper app has shown great promise on the business front and will soon determine its rank in the world of commercial advertising. In the case of the Hanx Writer, a “meticulous attention to detail” seems to be the formula for success with new phone apps.

Trusper now offers many categories for its interactive tips app. Offering 16 categories, including Travel, Relationships, Sports, Fashion and Technology, Trusper is a collection of user-based tips. It can also be linked with Facebook accounts for easier sharing and posting among friends.

(Image courtesy of Trusper)