Ex Husband Tells Woman She Can’t Cook, She Gets ‘Sweet Revenge’

During her 25-years of marriage, all Kathy Masunaga heard from her husband was how awful a cook she was. But after ending that bad relationship, she now gets the last laugh and “Sweet Revenge,” no, really.

“My ex used to tell me I couldn’t cook for anything,” Masunaga says, as she sits down to talk to Huffington Post, at a table in Sweet Revenge, her successful pie shop in Honolulu. “He’d tell everybody I was a terrible cook.”

According to Masunaga, the biggest lesson she learned from her relationship is, “Success is my sweet revenge.” No pun intended.

Life wasn’t easy for the mother of two-sons and without an income she would drive around the big island thinking where she could set up shop. When she finally decided to take matters into her own hands, in 2009, she filed for divorce and even though it was very scary, it was the best decision she could have ever done for herself and her sons. Her only regret was not doing it sooner.

Kathy Masunaga, Owner of Sweet Revenge

Following the split from her husband, Masunaga spent a lot of time helping a friend who had a catering service and realized she had a talent for single serving pies and sweets. That is when she began selling her creations at a food market and later on started Sweet Revenge, which now supports a small staff of six-employees, a food truck, and a delivery service.

Masunaga calculates Sweet Revenge sells about between 400 and 500 pies every week. The treats are the traditional sweet, such as apple, peanut butter, chocolate s’mores, but also savory, like mac and cheese, and chicken pot pies. She usually sells out of the stock. Not only that, but Sweet Revenge is being recognized as one of the utmost specialty stores in the area and is getting nominated for best-of awards.

For Kathy Masunaga, the long road to happiness has been tough, but so worth it.

“I’ve learned to not be afraid of working hard, if it’s something you love doing. This is fun. Sure, I burn my arms once in a while, but it’s still fun. My son did the math and realized that I was basically earning about $1 per hour at one point. I could have gotten a job somewhere and I would have had insurance or a retirement plan. But I just really had this feeling I could do things and I wanted to prove it. And now, I have all that, and I was saved from a ‘job.'”

In case you are wondering, the ex husband is still part of Masunaga’s life, however, he may have also learned a lesson and now only encourages her to keep going with Sweet Revenge.

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