Andi Dorfman Denies Breakup Rumors By Planning Double Date With Sean Lowe

Andi Dorfman chose Josh Murray during the Bachelorette finale earlier this summer and the two have been keeping a low profile since getting engaged. Since they both live in Atlanta, they can spend time developing their relationship rather than travel back and forth to visit one another, like many other Bachelor couples, such as Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell.

But it sounds like Andi’s romance with Josh isn’t as happy or thrilling as it once was on The Bachelorette. There have been plenty of stories in the press about them breaking up. And even though these kinds of rumors are nothing new for the couples on the show, Dorfman isn’t really addressing these rumors in the press.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Andi Dorfman and Catherine Giudici have become good friends since Andi wrapped up her filming of The Bachelorette. And things are so good between these two that they are planning a double-date with their boys.

“We haven’t met Josh,” Catherine reveals about Andi’s partner, but adds “But I talked to Andi today, and she was saying that we have to get together for a double date!”

Of course, Andi Dorfman and Murray are working and living in Atlanta, whereas Sean Lowe and Catherine are living in Dallas. It may be hard for them to get together for a double-date, unless they were going somewhere to a Bachelor-related event.

According to the Inquisitr, there have been rumors of Andi and Josh breaking up, because Dorfman doesn’t feel the relationship is going as she had hoped. The original report from Celeb Dirty Laundry as referenced by the Inquisitr reveals that Andi and Josh are on break, even though she should be planning her magical Bachelor wedding. They are supposedly planning on getting married in May.

But the sources that have come forward with these claims may be way off. Looking at Andi Dorfman’s Instagram, she appears to be happier than every with Josh and these two are not taking a break, judging by the pictures.

Plus, earlier this summer, Andi Dorfman planned a huge celebration for Josh Murray, showing his friends and family just how much she loves and appreciates him. These two have become the new face of the Bachelorette franchise, because their love appears to be real and genuine. And the fact that they manage to stay out of the spotlight just confirms this.

What do you think about Andi Dorfman scheduling a double-date with Sean Low and Catherine Guidici?

[Image via Daily Mail]