‘After Ever After’ Singer Blasts Disney Princess Fairy Tales In Amazing Parody … Again [Video]

Jon Cozart is the phenomenal artist and singer behind the Disney Parody video “After Ever After.” If you haven’t seen this work of unbelievable talent yet, take a look and listen. Cozart is so gifted that you might even watch “After Ever After” a few times.

“I take stuff I love and make more stuff from that stuff,” Cozart says about his work. ‘After Ever After’ was a viral YouTube sensation and has more than 39 million views. It was released last year, but is making its way around social media again.

Set to the tune of the most iconic Disney princess songs, “After Ever After” isn’t just a clever social commentary about the falsehoods of fairy tales. Jon Cozart also nails the songs with incredible vocal talent. As far as Disney parodies go, Cozart blows the currently viral “If Disney Princes Were Real” video out of King Triton’s ocean. Cozart’s parody is impeccable. His facial expressions while singing are almost addictive to watch.

When Ariel-Jon sings, “Thank you BP, thank you BP. The British are killing, oil is spilling,” you almost forget you are watching a parody singer perform.

When Jasmine-Jon sings, “Bush was crazy, Obama’s lazy, al-Qaeda’s not in this country. Set free my Prince Ali,” you almost want to beg the Genie to return and save Jasmine-Jon’s imprisoned prince, until you sadly remember that the real-life Genie’s “After Ever After” wasn’t a fairy tale ending either.

Belle-Jon sings about the witch hunt that ensues after she marries the love her her life. While some might wonder why Jon didn’t use it as an opportunity to discuss Stockholm Syndrome, the religious witch-hunt ending is still appropriate.

Pocahontas-Jon bellows her new ‘After Ever After’ song in the voice of the millions of Native Americans who ended up trying to violently protect their lands and tradition. “I can murder if I please, ’cause I’m dying of disease,” is so terribly poignant, yet the viewer still can’t stop looking at the dramatically fun facial expressions of the All-Cozart A Capella Quartet.

This year, on TedxYouth, Cozart talked about being a professional YouTube video producer.

Yes, in “After Ever After 2,” poor Cinderlla ended up in an insane asylum. If you loved “After Ever After,” you can watch the Disney parody’s sequel that Jon created this summer, “After Ever After 2.”