Texas Tech, UTEP Brawl Video Goes Viral, Fight Has Tailgate Party Policies Being Reconsidered [Video]

A Texas Tech, UTEP brawl video has gone viral and police say they were forced to arrest multiple people at the scene of the fight.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when rookie cops went on a drunken rampage after graduating from the police academy, they faced some pretty stiff repercussions.

The Texas Tech, UTEP brawl took place in the parking lot of the Las Palmas LifeCare Center in Texas and apparently started when a group wearing UTEP colors approached several Texas Tech fans and insulted them. Female and male fans of the Red Raiders and UTEP started exchanging words, but the violence did not start until an older man in a cap punched another tailgate party goer who was quite the bigger man. But the big guy went down like goliath, and when others rushed in to help, chaos ensued.

One fan described the beatdown he received during the Texas Tech, UTEP brawl.

"I ran in and saw some guy on the floor. I tried to get some people off of him and I guess I ended up tackling some guy and when I tried to get up, I was attacked, also. And then that's when more people got involved."
One person with non-life-threatening injuries caused by the Texas Tech, UTEP brawl was taken to Las Palmas Medical Center, and El Paso Police Department spokesperson Darrel Petry said that two men with outstanding warrants were arrested at the scene of the brawl, but not for fighting.

"It appears that two separate groups engaged in a verbal then physical altercation," Petry said. "Officers generated a police report and while at the scene arrested two men with outstanding warrants. The two that were arrested did not appear to be involved in the physical portion of the altercation."

All in all, according to the El Paso Times, "Six people were thrown out of the stadium for disorderly conduct and three others were kicked out because they were minors drinking alcohol." There were three other arrests based upon "misdemeanor assault on a staff member during an argument in a parking lot, a student arrested on suspicion of having alcohol in a parking lot and a public intoxication arrest in Sun Bowl Stadium."

The Texas Tech, UTEP brawl video has officials saying they are rethinking policies related to tailgate parties and access to the public space. The Las Palmas Medical Center will also be hiring two security guards.