LeSean McCoy’s 20 Cent Tip Has PYT Saying The Eagles Player Was ‘Verbally Abusive,’ Insulted Women

LeSean McCoy’s 20 cent tip has exploded all over social media networks, with many people taking sides, even Philadelphia Eagles fans. Although McCoy’s only response to the controversy was,”It’s bullsh*t, man,” the restaurant owner has gone on the offensive and posted a more detailed explanation of why the Eagles are in the wrong.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, LeSean McCoy spent approximately an hour at the burger restaurant with three other people. His server, Rob was left a $0.20 tip left on the $61.56 bill, which amounts to a 0.3 percent tip; a “new record” low according to the restaurant. The Daily News’ Les Bowen reached out to McCoy to find out what happened, but only received the expletive as a response. Bowen went on to interpret the quote from the multi-millionaire NFL player in this manner.

“My understanding is, he was really ticked about service. But org [i.e., the Eagles] wishes he’d handled it differently.”

The owner of the PYT restaurant believes the Eagles player does not have any justification for the poor tip and instead says it’s LeSean McCoy and his crew who are at fault, not Rob the server.

“For starters, I take total and complete responsibility for sharing this receipt. It was not our server’s decision, it was mine. I am to blame. I decided to take action after some serious thought. And while I’d like to apologize to Mr McCoy, I cannot in good conscience do so. I stand by my actions one hundred percent.”

“Mr McCoy and his three companions came into my place on Monday afternoon, and immediately the whole staff was excited. Mr McCoy is a skilled athlete and is one of our beloved Philadelphia Eagles. A true Philly legend and a sports hero. Understandably my staff was really pumped, especially on the heels of they terrific win the day before. (Go Eagles!). Mr McCoy and his friend sat inside at a booth next to my management and next to me. They were given excellent service. Impeccable service. If anything, our server was a little nervous as was our food runner, because they are big, big fans.”

“He and his group, from the moment they sat down, were verbally abusive to our staff in the most insulting ways. The derogatory statements about women and their sheer contempt for the staff serving them wasn’t the end, however. After Mr McCoy and his group left I looked over and saw their server, my friend, with his head bowed down and with a very confused look on his face. I took the receipt out of his hand and I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so callous. Mr McCoy had left a.03% tip for our staff. Our staff that was beyond excited to see him walk into our burger joint and was excited to serve him. That’s twenty cents on a tab of over $60. Twenty cents that our server has to split with the food runner and the bartender. Two dimes from an insulting multimillionaire.”

The owner of PYT restaurant says it’s possible that LeSean McCoy was having a bad day, but claims any “reports of him receiving ‘bad service’ is a complete slanderous lie.” The owner does not want anything from the Philadelphia Eagles or their player, but he does feel McCoy should apologize to Rob the server and admit he was given “excellent service.”