Photos of Elvis Presley's Palm Springs Love Nest Surface

Elvis Presley was always a hunka hunka burnin' love. We now know Elvis had to place to give him and a "guest" fever.

The Metro is reporting that Elvis has an unassuming two-bedroom hideaway in the hills of Palm Springs to entertain female guests. Recently rediscovered photographs show Elvis' love shack as only Elvis could have it; cutouts of himself behind the bar, portraits of him with Priscilla and Lisa Marie, ready to be turned towards the wall at a moment's notice, pictures of Elvis, Col. Tom, Elvis' mom, movie posters and gold records and Elvis'own bedroom with a queen-size bed and the room covered in black.

The house was located in the foothills of the desert with a view of Mount Jacinto. Elvis felt that the house was so secluded, he could sunbathe without putting any kind of cover up. Elvis and Col. Parker each had their own director's chairs with their names on the back of the chairs next to the kidney-shaped pool.

There was one specially designed room other than Elvis' all-black room; there was an all-pink room, specially designed for Natalie Wood, always ready for her whenever she stayed over for the night, or longer.

The photographs were taken by gossip reporter Roger Asquith, who was the UK media's 'man in Hollywood' for 40 years. Roger ran Hollywood News Agency from Palm Springs, brushing shoulders with the stars on behalf of UK publications. He also worked in real estate and a colleague responsible for the secret home was trusted with a set of keys. She was sent over to check the house on one occasion before Elvis visited and Roger joined her to look around.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley's Palm Springs love nest found

The 82-year-old said: "It wasn't a film star's mansion, but it wasn't supposed to be. It was just a little love nest for him to go there and stay for weekends and stay out of everyone's way. It was in an immaculate condition so I just took a few photographs and left.

"Nobody knew it was there and these pictures have never been printed."

Roger said the palm tree-fronted house was chosen by Elvis because the secluded pool meant he could sunbathe with his guests away from prying eyes.

Speaking from his home in Gloucester, Roger said: "It was just a little two bedroom place with a kidney-shaped pool. It was just a very nice house, very comfortable and ideal for him to take girls with him. The secret hideaway was probably leased by Col Parker who wanted to know everything that Elvis was up to."

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