MLB Playoff Schedule Announced

The MLB has revealed the broadcast schedule and announcers for this weekend's playoffs. All games will air on TBS with the exception of Saturday's Tampa Bay Rays / Texas Rangers clash, which is is on TNT. All times are EST, remember:

Friday: The Rays will kick things off against the Rangers in Arlington at 5pm, before the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees face off in the prized 8.30pm slot.

Saturday: The National League series gets started today, with the 2pm slot going to the Arizona Diamondbacks / Milwaukee Brewers game, while St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies are on at 5pm. The Rays and the Rangers then start their Game 2 at 7pm.

Sunday: The Diamonds and the Brewers get a second pop at one another at 4.30pm. At 8 p.m., the Cardinals and Phillies take the field with a half hour head start against NFL's Sunday night games.

Monday: Both American League series resume Monday, when the Rays host the Rangers in St. Petersburg at 5pm. Over in Detroit, the Tigers host the Yankees at 8.30pm.

So, to make for simpler reading:

Friday5.00pm --- Rays - Rangers (Game 1)8.30pm --- Tigers - Yankees (Game 1)

Saturday2.00pm --- Diamondbacks - Brewers (Game 1)5.00pm --- Cardinals - Phillies (Game 1)7.00pm --- Rays - Rangers (Game 2)8.00pm --- Tigers - Yankees (Game 2)

Sunday4.30pm --- Diamondbacks - Brewers (Game 2)8.00pm --- Cardinals - Phillies (Game 2)

Monday5.00pm --- Rays - Rangers (Game 3)8.30pm --- Tigers - Yankees (Game 3)

Meanwhile, here are your announcers for the next four days:
Tigers - Yankees: Brian Anderson, John Smoltz and Ron DarlingRays - Rangers: Don Orsillo and Buck MartinezDiamondbacks - Brewers: Victor Rojas and Joe SimpsonCardinals - Phillies: Dick Stockton and Bob Brenly
Full details at the official MLB site!