Glenn Beck Launching Children's Show On GBTV

Conservative talk show host and GBTV owner Glenn Beck has announced that a new conservative children's show is launching this coming Monday via his online network. Called Liberty Treehouse the hour-long show won't be hosted by Beck but will apparently share his "conservative sensibilities."

According to Politico a lot of the show will look like something you'd find on Nickelodeon such as segments involving science and issues like bullying, while politics will also be discussed in some type of manner.

According to Beck:

"Liberty Treehouse will not only entertain children and young adults, but it will respect them and their knowledge and passion for history, art, science and current events."
In the past Beck has openly discussed his hatred for progressives who indoctrinate their young which makes his own show ultra-hypocritical.

Speaking about the show Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance author Alexander Zaitchik says:

"I imagine the show will be a sort of anti-Sesame Street, which Beck probably thinks is a socialist-Islamist plot concocted by Frances Fox Piven and the Ayatollah in the 1970s."
Will you be allowing your children to watch Liberty Treehouse? It's just what we need 4th graders fighting on the playground over who's going to take their state in the next voting cycle.

In the meantime GBTV is turning into quite the internet powerhouse with some analysts predicting that Beck will break the $100 million mark within 1 year thanks to a rabid user base who can't get enough of their favorite conservatives grumblings.