Roger Goodell: Reason For Not Having 2nd Revel Casino Video Will Surprise You

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is working overtime with the handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, and many are calling for his ouster.

The latest news suggests Goodell could have obtained the second Revel Casino elevator video that showed the knockout punch of Janay Rice -- if only he had asked. The commissioner said he requested the surveillance tape a number of times, but the only trouble is this: He didn't ask the right source, according to a TMZ report.

Roger Goddell went on record as saying that he asked law enforcement investigators for a copy of the infamous tape showing what unfolded on the elevator with Ray Rice and his wife back in February. However, he was told on numerous occasions that he could not have a copy.

The online gossip site posed the question: Why didn't Goodell go directly to Casino officials at Revel to obtain a copy himself, being that the cops obtained one without dissension?

"I don't know how TMZ or any other website gets their info. We are particularly reliant on law enforcement, that's the most reliable, the most credible. We don't seek to get that information from sources who are not credible."

Apparently, a Grand Jury was assembled at the time. In their possession was the elevator tape of Janay and Ray Rice, which showed the shocking moment the former Baltimore Ravens running back punched his wife and knocked her unconscious.

Another credibility issue with the NFL boss' response is that there is no better source than the actual source, in this case, Revel Casino. What's more, there is no indication that the gaming establishment would not have accommodated his request for the Ray Rice tape.

Sources said had Goodell simply asked for the Rice elevator casino footage, representatives would have handed a copy to him as they did for police as part of the investigation.

"THIS MAKES NO SENSE. The police got the tape from the casino, so the police video CANNOT be more credible than the source," wrote TMZ.

Monday, the Baltimore Ravens terminated Ray Rice's five-year $50 million contract when the new video footage showing the violence he exacted on his wife. The NFL followed suit and suspended him from the league indefinitely. Nike and EA Sports are also rumored to have severed ties over the violent video.

The next day, Rice's wife, Janay Palmer Rice, addressed the media and NFL in an Instagram post, which described the "horrible nightmare" she's been put through by the willful airing of the footage. Apparently, she is standing by her man, and wants privacy to work out the issues in her marriage.

What do you make of Roger Goodell's handling of the Revel Casino elevator video?

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