GoFundMe Shuts Down Woman’s Crowdfunding Campaign For An Abortion

The pro-life against pro-choice battle has been raging for many years. Here on The Inquisitr, we heard reports recently of abortion’s connection to ALS research, specifically through the viral ALS ice bucket challenge. The pro-choice side soon had news in their favor such as PBS airing a documentary which humanizes the people and the act of late-term abortions and the controversial move of an abortion clinic opening up right next to a middle school.

No matter which side someone may support on abortion, a woman’s decision to give birth or terminate her pregnancy is a personal one. However, one news article we reported earlier was about a girl named Bailey and her crowdfunding campaign to finance her abortion on GoFundMe. What was unique and controversial about her campaign was her choice was no longer personal as she asked people to help fund her abortion. Apparently, this campaign became so controversial that GoFundMe shut it down.

According to an article by Life News, the fundraising site GoFundMe put an end to Bailey’s abortion campaign known as “Stop Bailey From Breeding.” For those who are not in the know, GoFundMe is a crowdfunding website which is often used for heartwarming campaigns to assist people who have adverse medical conditions. Some prime examples of what this crowdfunding site offers may be a veteran who lost his legs in a war being funded to purchase titanium replacements or funding a new kidney for a toddler who needs it. Bailey, however, wanted people to fund her abortion.

Over the last two days since the fund’s initiation, 106 people raised $1,654 of the $2,500 goal for Bailey to have an abortion. The source even stated that 106 people wanted “to give her their hard-earned cash to pay to kill her baby.” Her goal was not met after GoFundMe shut down her campaign as explained below in an email obtained by The Daily Dot.

This is the email Bailey received from GoFundMe in accordance to her campaign closing down.

Bailey was also notified with a follow-up email hours later informing her that any of the money raised will ultimately be forwarded to her. One of her friends also stated that she is scheduled to have her abortion anyway.

However, many have wondered why the abortion was so expensive. Typically, such a procedure cost between $400 to $500 average. The theory is that Bailey and her boyfriend were trying to fund a late-term abortion. Apparently, this may be the case because Bailey recently said she is nineteen weeks along as reported by Vice.

What do you think about Bailey’s abortion? Do you think asking people to fund her abortion as a viable choice or did she cross some ethical line by asking others to pay for the termination of her pregnancy? Is GoFundMe right or wrong for ending Bailey’s campaign? Please let us know in the comments below.

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