Michelle Obama Targets 'Rich Kids': Causing More Social Divide In Speech To Inner-City Students?

Michelle Obama targets rich kids in an effort to make her speech more eloquent while speaking to inner-city high school students.

The first lady paid a visit to Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta on Monday to discuss higher education. According to CNS News, Michelle pegged rich kids as the ones who "know this stuff" about how to get ahead in life.

"Do you hear what I'm telling you? Because I'm giving you some insights that a lot of rich kids all over the country -- they know this stuff, and I want you to know it, too. Because you have got to go and get your education. You've got to."
Michelle traveled to Atlanta to be part of the back-to-school "prep" rally of Reach Higher with Education Secretary Arne Duncan and other administration officials were present as well.

Mrs. Obama continued on in her speech, encouraging students to think about college now and "rally when you get knocked down along the way."

The first lady served as an inspiration in her speech when she told the group of teens that she was told by school counselors she'd never make it to Princeton because she had her sights set too high.

Michelle Obama refers to rich kids once again when she tells the "disadvantaged" students in the audience that with their hardships, they'll be stronger than those who have it easier. She talks about the dangerous neighborhoods, working parents and parents unable to pay their monthly bills.

"And let me tell you something, here is the secret to what you all have that a lot of other kids don't -- a lot of you already have that kind of grit, because all the challenges you're facing right now at home, in your neighborhood, those experiences are making you tougher. They're making you stronger. Those are advantages. They're not disadvantages. And now that -- you've got to just learn how to use that grit to help you get to and through college. It's the same determination -- you already have it.

"So if there is anybody telling you that you're not college material -- anyone -- I want you to brush them off. Prove them wrong...."

13 MWAZ further reports that Michelle let students know they should go the distance in higher education because "so many others worked and marched and risked their lives so that so many of the students would have the chances they have today."

Is Michelle Obama inadvertently causing more division between young people with her "rich kids" remark?

[Photo Credit: David Goldman / AP Photo via ABC News]