AT&T Wireless Caps Data For Top 5% Users

AT&T has sent out a very informal text message that lets the “top 5%” of their data using customer base that their mobile data transfer rates are about to be throttled.

According to reports the throttling of speeds will begin on Saturday, October 1st and will include grandfathered “unlimited’ data plans if the customer is in the top 5% of data usage.

AT&T will only throttle speeds until the end of each billing cycle at which point speeds will return to normal until the customer “over uses” the system.

Giving proof of the new system a Reddit user provided 9to5Mac with a screenshot of the text message they received (pictured above) which provides a quick summary of the new system along with a customer service number and website address for more information.

I personally like AT&T’s suggestion to just use more WiFi, something that’s not always an option for traveling users.

According to the Reddit user who was presented with the text message they had used just 11GB of data which hardly seems like a “heavy usage” amount.

If AT&T decides to throttle your data speeds will you be switching over to another network? Considering that my “3G” still feels like I’m using a 1400baud modem I for one know I won’t put up with a bunch of new data rules from American’s #2 provider.