Batmobile Spotted On ‘Batman V Superman’ Set, Night Shoot To Include Pyrotechnics [Photo]

It’s here. The long-awaited look at the elusive Batmobile, Batman’s mode of transportation, will finally be used in a scene for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this week.

Thus far, the only image we had of what Ben Affleck will be using to chase down Superman and the bad guys was the one shared by director Zack Snyder on Twitter on May 13 (seems like ages ago, doesn’t it?). Today, a photo of the Batmobile being moved to a different location for a scene was posted to Twitter.

And this super cool one.

This can only mean we are this close to seeing Ben Affleck as Batman, in action, for the very first time — or at least on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That is super exciting for those of us following the ins and outs of this production. When Zack Snyder took his film to the streets of Detroit, we got a first glimpse at Batfleck as Bruce Wayne thanks to some fans with access to the set.

Our good Twitter friend @banaadoc has a copy of the letter that producers sent to area residents, which indicates some pyrotechnics are on the menu. The disruption is said to take place between tonight, September 9, and Friday, September 12. There’s a special warning for the night of Wednesday, September 10. Check it out.

There is another shot captured by DC Universe Unlimited, which gives us another look at the Batmobile.

This is the first time the new Batmobile has been seen around the set of Batman v Superman, and, of course, many hope that Batman himself will be showing up. It will be hard to get close to the action for those following the movie because of the use of pyrotechnics, but never discount the desire to get that exclusive photo.

Movie Web reported last week that a chase scene involving the Batmobile will be shot for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at one of Detroit’s ports, which seems to work right into the letter sent to tenants at the Russell Industrial Center. Stay tuned for all the latest photos from the set of the Man of Steel sequel in Michigan.

[Image via Zack Snyder]