Happy Birthday Ludacris! What Is He Up To Now?

It seems that there have been some pretty intense highs and lows for the birthday boy Ludacris over the last few years. Today he turns 37 and plans to ring in his 37th year in the only way that a rapper like Ludacris knows how: by throwing a bash at a club in London town. He will be performing at a club DIRRTY, which is a hip hop club located right in the heart of the Borderline at the Orange Yard. The event kicks off September 11 at 11 p.m., London time.

Ludacris likely is looking to put some bad experiences from the past year behind him as he celebrates.

One such incident involved a mishap at the Atlanta Airport where is 13-year-old daughter Karma was left stranded due to a miscommunication between Ludacris and Delta Airlines.

Ludacris has also had no shortage of baby mama drama this past year.

Happy Birthday Ludacris! What Is He Up To Now?

Earlier this year, Tamika Fuller took Ludacris to court to contest full custody of Ludacris’ second daughter, Cai Bella, who will be one year old in December. Allegedly, the rapper was hooking up with Tamika Fuller while still dating Eudoxie, a woman with whom Ludacris has been involved in an on-again, off-again relationship since 2009. According to TMZ, though, Eudoxie still plans to marry Ludacris despite his past infidelities. Meanwhile, Tamika Fuller has been awarded $1,754.66 per month in child support from Ludacris to help with raising Cai Bella, according to TMZ.

Forbes has listed Ludacris as #9 on their list of the “Cash Kings:Highest Paid in Hip Hop in 2013″, having a whopping $12 million net worth, yet hs is still known to drive his ’92 Acura Legend which supposedly keeps him “down to earth”; perhaps Ludacris simply is trying to keep expenses low since he’s currently paying out so much child support to his baby mamas.

Still, it looks like Ludacris is taking all the drama in stride. Earlier this year, he hosted the Billboard Music Awards. Many of his songs have topped the Billboard charts not only in the Hip Hop genre but also the R&B genre. During a Billboard Red Carpet interview, Ludacris offered insight into his creative process and on building his resume.

“I will continue to add things to the resume. I am just here to make history. It is fun to make history. It is a beautiful thing. It’s for the first time, I am getting really, really personal and diving into the life that people don’t really know about.

As far as what fans can expect form his new album, Ludaversal, which is still in the production phase, “We are going to talk about some issues in my life and just because it is all glitz and glamour in front of the camera, doesn’t mean that I don’t have issues and things going on. As they say, more money, more problems sometimes, so you will get to understand the “real” Chris Bridges in this album, Ludaversal: It’s My World, and that’s why we say that.

Overall, it looks like it’s been a whirlwind year for Ludacris, but here’s to a happy birthday anyway.

[Photo credit: Billboard/MyK104]