‘Little People, Big World’ Spoilers: Episode 8×02 Family Vacation Brings Drama Along With Fun

Little People, Big World is back with a handful of new episodes and fans are thrilled. Jeremy Roloff is planning his wedding, but it seems in the new episode airing on Tuesday night, the family decides they need a vacation. Will this be a big bonding opportunity for the family or a tense outing? Fans want Little People, Big World spoilers, and there are quite a few available.

The show’s Facebook page shows that the family hits the slopes for some fun in the September 9 episode. Apparently there’s some competition within the family in the mix of this outing, and things may get complicated. The TV Guide synopsis for Little People, Big World episode 8×02, titled “The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together,” notes that Amy and Matt won’t manage to keep their issues with one another private during the family vacation.

While it seems the goal of the trip is to “repair broken bonds,” Matt and Amy’s issues will take over. Jeremy and Audrey are focusing on wedding plans, but that joyful experience apparently will be overshadowed by Amy and Matt’s conflicts. Fans hate watching that aspect of this show, the marriage issues between Matt and Amy playing out on-screen, but at this point it seems hard to avoid.

As for the wedding planning, Jeremy and Audrey are in the thick of it all at this point. It has been revealed that they are getting married on September 20, and E! Online has shared the Roloff wedding invitation. The event is being held at the family farm and the invite notes that there will be all sorts of fun including frolicking, rejoicing and embracing.

Jeremy and Audrey’s wedding will be shown in the final episode of Little People, Big World. While Zach Roloff recently got engaged to Tori Patton, it looks like all fans will get to see of that union is the lead-up to that happy event. As for Matt and Amy, it seems that they remain separated.

Luckily, despite the challenges facing Matt and Amy, fans still adore the show and are grateful it is back for a handful of additional episodes so everybody can watch Jeremy and Audrey’s wedding planning and nuptials. As the two have revealed, they have a lot of the details pulled together now and they’ve decided to go non-traditional in terms of the dessert.

Tune in to Little People, Big World airing a new episode on TLC on Tuesday, September 9 to see just how the family vacation goes and find out where Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti are in their planning.

[Image via Facebook]