Good News: NASA Has Identified Most Killer Asteroids

Good news for anyone worried about an unexpected asteroid hitting earth and destroying mankind, NASA officials say they have identified more than 90% of all giant asteroids that could potentially destroy the planet.

A NASA scientist told the Associated Press:

“We know now where most of them are and where most of them are going. That really has reduced our risk.”

While larger asteroids are likely to be spotted and possibly dealt with before a world wide catastrophic event NASA still has a long way to go when it comes to city leveling “mid-size” asteroids, they have only spotted 44% of those instances. Scientists for the agency say there are “tens of thousands” left to be found.

NASA has been on a roll lately when it comes to spotting asteroids thanks to the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) which was launched in 2009 to held find “near-Earth” objects that are larger than 3,300 feet across.

According to NASA 911 out of 981 large asteroids thought to exist have been found, while 19,500 mid-size asteroids between 330 and 3,300 feet have also been discovered and plotted.

Are you worried about the possibility that an asteroid may come hurling toward earth without NASA knowing about it? If we’re lucky their new high powered lasers will be ready by that time.