ISIS Reportedly Teaching 100 Abducted Children How To Behead Dolls With Knives

Addam Corré

In a shocking report published today, a Kurdish human rights organization alleged that 100 Kurdish and Shiite children aged between 6 and 10, who were abducted from their families in Iraq by ISIS, are being taught how to carry out a beheading using dolls and knives.

Sobbing was heard emanating from an orphanage in the east of Mosul where the children are being held and groomed by ISIS militants in the ways of radical Islam.

Ynetnews reported today that sources in the area say that five nannies are forced by ISIS to "maintain discipline" at the orphanage, while neighbors are reporting that the nannies are unable to calm the children, whose crying to see their parents can be heard far and wide.

According to the Kurdish human rights group, the children, who are clearly highly distressed by the ordeal of being ripped from their parents, are being held under heavy guard at the large Dar al-Baraim orphanage in Mosul's Zuhir quarter.

ISIS' main purpose appears to brainwash the children in order to absorb them into the ranks of the terror organization in the future.


The human rights group is claiming that the older children are already undergoing combat training, including firing range exercises and physical fitness drills, while the younger kids are taken to witness real beheadings.

The group claims "Special Islamic State operatives are training the children in the use of knives to prepare them to participate in the beheadings. They are receiving large dolls and knives to cut off the heads."

In a desperate plea to the world, the Kurdish human rights activists have issued a heartfelt statement regarding the abducted children,

"The world must wake up and rescue the poor children. The demonic nature of the captors knows no limits: After they force the children to convert to Islam, they will send them out to prove their 'loyalty' to Islam."