Twitter Proves What We Already Know, A Lot Of People Get The Afternoon Blues

Do you find yourself getting that afternoon itch to leave work, the feeling that your days never going to end and you’ll be stuck in a cubicle or building that house forever with no chance of escape? It turns out a Twitter research team has been tracking the “late-afternoon funk” since it’s inception and it appears to be a worldwide phenomenon.

According to a sociology professor who spoke with Discovery:

“Despite different cultures, “we found a very similar pattern in India, Africa, Europe, the UK, Canada, North America, Australia.”

A team of researchers examined nearly 500 million tweets from 2.4 million people in 84 countries and found that the afternoon funk isn’t just an idea, it’s a real condition.

The head researcher says of the findings:

“People are most upbeat around breakfast time” and then their mood “deteriorates over the course of the day.”

During the morning hours tweets with the word “awesome” and “fantastic” appear regularly when the afternoon brings “panic” and “sad” among others before happy words return at night.

Even on the weekend the study found that the afternoon funk still affects people on their time off.

While the study is not conclusive it does show how users not only interact with other Twitter followers but with life in general.

Do you think you’re happier at times other than the afternoon? When do you feel your happiest.