Saiqa Akhter: Mom Who Admitted Killing Her Children Found Not Guilty

A Texas mom, who admitted killing her children, was found not guilty by reason of insanity. In 2010, Saiqa Akhter choked and killed her 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter with a wire. Although she was arrested and charged with murder, she will not spend any time in prison. Instead, Akhter will remain in a mental institution until further notice.

On July 19, 2010, Akhter called 911 to confess the heinous crime. During the call, she explained that she initially tried to poison her children with drain cleaner. As they refused to drink the concoction, Akhter eventually wrapped a wire around their necks.

When the operator asked if the children were alive, Akhter said both children were “just blue” and “not taking any breaths.”

Paramedics arrived on scene within minutes. Unfortunately, it was far too late. Five-year-old Zain was pronounced dead at the scene. Two-year-old Faryaal was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. However, she died the following day.

As reported by Daily News, Saiqa Akhter freely admitted that she intentionally killed her children. Even more disturbing, the mother said she killed her children because they were autistic. She explained her motive during the call to 911.

“I killed both of them. I told you. They’re both not normal, not normal… They’re autistic. Both are autistic… I don’t want my children to be like that… I want normal kids.”

Although a family member confirmed Zain was diagnosed with autism, it is unclear why the mother thought Faryaall was autistic as well. Family members also confirmed Zain was receiving therapy prior to his death.

More than four years later, District Judge Mike Snipes determined Saiqa Akhter is not guilty by reason of insanity. Although she was found not guilty, Akhter will remain in North Texas State Hospital until the court orders her release.

As reported by Dallas News, Judge Snipes relied heavily on the testimony of several mental health experts. Psychologist Kristi Compton testified that Akhter was clinically insane when she strangled her children. Compton further explained that the mother suffered with schizophrenia and thought she was “helping” her children by ending their lives.

Special prosecutor Nancy Mulder acknowledged that Akhter was formally diagnosed as mentally insane. However, she believes the crime was premeditated. In the course of investigation, authorities discovered the mother spent weeks planning to kill Zain and Faryaall. According to official records, Saiqu Akhter performed numerous internet searches on how to kill or poison her children.

[Image via TrueCrimeReport]