Ewing's Sarcoma Patients Seek Help Through Social Media

Patients with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, have found hope in Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. A New York City-based charity, Maya's Hope, has been featuring Chesca, a little girl from the Philippines who has developed this rare childhood cancer. In an effort to raise money for the medical treatments to save her life, Maya's Hope has taken to Facebook to promote awareness of the cancer, featuring Chesca through YouTube videos and pictures.

Founder Maya Rowencak explains that "last Saturday, I received a picture that showed the urgency of her situation. With the help of Facebook communities of people affected by Ewing's Sarcoma, we found a doctor in Manila to take her under his care."

Posting and sharing pictures of her melon-sized tumor has given people a firsthand view of the life-threatening disease. Donations have exceeded a few thousand dollars in just a couple of days through the Crowdrise account that Maya's Hope created for Chesca's treatment.

This is not the first time that social media has come to the aid of children afflicted by cancer. In an age where funny memes and celebrity gossip dominate digital news, it is refreshing to see people sharing news that could save the life of a child. KSDK reports that Karley Branch, a survivor of Ewing's sarcoma, has finally returned to playing softball with her team after a year of rigorous treatment against this paralyzing cancer.

"It was the toughest fight but I can say I struck out cancer."

Today adds that in recent days a Nevada teen took to Instagram to catalog the reality of his battle with Ewing sarcoma. The New York Daily News also reports on a boy who was suffering from a rare form of cancer who ended up on YouTube after he had a chance to play soccer alongside his favorite soccer team. He scored!

Inquisitr reported on the death of Kevin Sharp, a country singer who brought some attention to the rare cancer by releasing his music through the initial aid of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Billboard reported that through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Sharp came to meet music producer David Foster, and went onto develop some successful songs.

Maya's Hope reiterates the urgency involved in finding treatment for children due to the aggressive nature of this rare cancer. In a recent Facebook post, Maya pleaded with supporters to share Chesca's pictures and information in an effort to raise awareness of this rare cancer and to help give the child a chance to live. According to National Cancer Institute at The National Institutes of Health, Ewing's sarcoma or Ewing sarcoma, is also known as "peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor and pPNET." Unfortunately, Ewing tumors are found in young people and children the most.

[Image courtesy of Maya's Hope]