‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Sarah Herron, Robert Graham React To Split, Finale

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise watched a pretty awkward situation play out Monday night between Sarah Herron and Robert Graham. Though the two decided to go on an overnight date together, things got very awkward the next day. Sarah and Robert split, and naturally both BIP stars reacted via social media as the finale aired.

Sarah Herron said that the night was essentially a disaster. She went so far as to say there was zero intimacy and Robert Graham had even slept with his jeans on. Is that really what happened? Graham says no.

As the finale aired Robert tweeted, “Jeans to bed?? That definitely didn’t happen.”

Robert even added an emoticon showing a crying face. So just what did happen? Bachelor in Paradise fans are curious, but little clarity has come. As for Sarah, it seems she was fairly horrified by the finale. At one point she tweeted wondering if Robert had unfriended her on Facebook yet, which he hasn’t as of yet.

Herron added in another tweet, “I am so lucky to have experienced Paradise with Robert. The only regret I have is jumping to conclusions. Please save the hater comments.”

After Sarah split with Robert, he seemed genuinely surprised and saddened. Could there be hope for this couple to give things another shot? It doesn’t sound like it, but one never knows. Reality Steve says that from what he’s heard, Robert and Sarah haven’t dated at all since returning from the show, and apparently they live pretty close to one another in California, so it could have happened had they wanted it to happen.

Steve goes on to speculate that while he doesn’t know much about Robert, he suspects that Graham was never really into Sarah all that much, but he went along with things in order to stick around Mexico for as long as he could. It certainly never seemed that he was necessarily intentionally playing Sarah, but most viewers would admit that it didn’t exactly look like he was falling for her either.

Now that it’s known that Bachelor in Paradise season 2 is on the way, could Sarah Herron or Robert Graham return? Never say never, that much is for certain. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if ABC approached Sarah, in particular, to return, and Chris Harrison already told TV Guide that he’d love to see Brooks Forrester return as well. Of course there will be several people coming off of the next installments of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in the mix as well.

What do you think really went down between Sarah Herron and Robert Graham in the fantasy suite? Was she right to break things off or should she have given the relationship a shot once the cameras were gone? Stay tuned for Bachelor in Paradise 2 spoilers once casting comes together for that one in the months to come.

[Image via ABC]