‘Teens React To Nintendo’: The Fine Bros. Introduce The NES To A New Generation [Video]

The “Teens React to Nintendo” video is the latest in the series from The Fine Bros., a universal next step up from their previous video “Kids React To Game Boy.”

Instead of a video as usual, the YouTube hosts showed teenagers the video game console which brought gaming to relevance after the crash wrought by the movie tie-in E.T.. The Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, was the birthplace of many popular genres, improving on what Atari had shown us in almost every way.

At first, some of the teenagers thought it was some kind of video projector or TV box, but a few of them knew what it was right away.

The game they are shown in “Teens React to Nintendo” is Super Mario Bros., which actually wasn’t the first Mario game in existence. Mario first gained fame in Donkey Kong and then his starring debut called Mario Bros., and this title is actually Nintendo’s third major Mario installment.

After handing the game to the teens, the Fine Bros. told them to try putting the cartridge in the console and turning it on. After much confusion involving flickering screens, pushing the cartridge down, and the universal “quick fix” of blowing on the contacts, they finally got the game to work.

One of the boys called the NES controller the most uncomfortable thing ever made, while one of the girls appreciated having only two buttons because it was far less complicated than the controllers we have on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Playing the game itself, the teens’ reaction ranged from the classic disappointment of not making the first flag jump to asking if anyone has ever beaten the level. We can only imagine the look of terror if they were told that there were eight “worlds” of four stages each and no game saves.

What did you think of “Teens React to Nintendo”?

[image via YouTube]