Carlo Dellaverson NBC Producer Arrested For Uploading Sex Tape Of Girlfriend

Carlo Dellaverson, an NBC news producer, has been arrested for secretly taping his girlfriend during sex and uploading it to a porn site. According to the Daily Mail, 31-year-old NBC news producer Carlo Dellaverson set up a cam near his bed on February 14 and secretly recorded having sex with his girlfriend. His 29-year-old live-in girlfriend had no idea that she was secretly taped, nor that a camera had been setup in her bedroom.

The police investigation into the revenge porn case revealed that the sex tape was recorded months before the victim found out about it. TV producer Carlo Dellaverson's girlfriend discovered the tape on September 4 while investigating her boyfriend's computer which led her to a porn site in the Netherlands called X-Porn, aka Xtube, as stated in Jezebel. The shocked woman immediately broke up with Carlo Dellaverson and moved out. It is not clear how long the pair had dated or lived together while their time at the Barrow Street apartments in Greenwich Village before the Valentine's Day sex tape was discovered.

Former Hastings On Hudson resident Carlo Dellaverson's story was covered in a New York Times article in 2012. Carlo Dellaverson graduated from the University of Richmond before pursuing his dreams of being a producer.

A law enforcement officer told the New York Post that the sex video was taken down from the site. Here is what people are saying about the Carlo Dellaverson sex tape scandal.

"We unexpectedly canceled his triple-X miniseries that he shot, and it's not going to get renewed for next season."

"Kudos for the now ex-girlfriend for calling the cops. He's nothing but a rich, pig who needed to feel like a stud by posting the video which he secretly recorded. I doubt this was the first time he did this. His past girlfriends should also check to see if he did this to them and have him arrested if he did so."

"What do you think the chances are of NBC news featuring this as one of their stories??"

According to the New York Daily News, Carlo Dellaverson was proud of his job as a digital producer on the NBC show Rock Center with Brian Williams. There has been no word on whether Dellaverson has been fired. Dellaverson arrived at a Manhattan courthouse with his father and lawyer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the subject of secretly taping someone was seen in the 2014 movie Sex Tape starring Cameron Diaz.