Did Albert Einstein Believe In Psychic Abilities? His Encounter With Gene Dennis Strongly Suggests So

Albert Einstein, a man strongly motivated by science and physics, is hardly expected to believe in the powers of psychics, let alone trust and endorse their abilities. However, he not only believed in the power of these people, but seemed to be mighty impressed with their abilities too.

Albert Einstein, one of the brightest scientists to have ever existed, has dabbled in many pursuits of knowledge; you wouldn’t expect the great man to try and get involved in the science of paranormal and psychic research. But that is exactly what happened. Owing to one Ms. Gene Dennis (formerly known as Eugene), Albert Einstein became very interested in exploring the world that many perceive a gimmick to fool the gullible mind.

Ms. Gene Dennis, Considered Herself A Prophet Gifted With The Ability To See The Future

Gene Dennis wasn’t just a psychic, but considered herself a prophet. Gene interestingly claimed she never dabbled in clairvoyance, fortune-telling, mind-reading and crystal-gazing. She merely claimed to possess the ability to foretell the future. She and Albert Einstein happened to be vacationing in Palm Springs and there they met.

His encounter with the then popular psychic left Einstein highly impressed not only about Gene Dennis, but also about the not-so-subtle art. Speaking about his meeting with Gene Dennis, Albert Einstein said,

“She told me things no one could possibly know, things on which I have been working, and she demonstrated she has the power to do things I cannot explain. I must tell some of my associates about this. It was miraculous indeed.”

Needless to say, this quote followed Gene Dennis around wherever she went. “The Girl Who Amazed Einstein” became a feature of her advertising. It wasn’t long before she was one of the highest paid stars on the circuit, reported Cardopolis.

Riding High On Her Supposed Endorsement By Albert Einstein, Gene Dennis Became A Highly Paid Psychic

Upton Sinclair, author of Mental Radio, was highly interested in such an interesting pursuit by one of the most brilliant minds that proved that mathematics and science are behind the greatest ‘miracles’, reported New Republic. According to Sinclair, Professor Einstein has long been concerned with psychic matters and has done some investigation in the field.

However, many firmly believe that Einstein never endorsed Ms. Dennis, but merely acknowledged her abilities to make correct ‘guesses’. Moreover, Albert Einstein, unlike many scientists, physicists and other eminent members of the scientific society, had a very diverse array of interests and he has also dabbled in spiritualism.

Albert Einstein’s varied interests have been widely chronicled, but his interest in the unexplained is something that defies the laws of explainable physics.

[Image Credit | Cardopolis]