’19 Kids And Counting’ Spoilers: Jill And Derick Taste Cakes, Josh And Anna Share Update In New Episode

It’s time for a new episode of 19 Kids & Counting, and fans will get more wedding planning for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. Jill and Derick may have just gotten engaged as this new season opened, but by the end of the season Jill will be walking down the aisle. Fans want 19 Kids & Counting spoilers for the September 9 episode, and there are some great details available.

As TV Guide notes, Tuesday’s episode is titled “Duggar-sized Wedding Planning.” Viewers will see Jill and Derick taking a look at wedding venues and tasting some cake options. A post on the show’s Facebook page indicates that Jill and Derick will head out on a casual date as well, but they don’t go alone. As is the expectation with their religious beliefs, they are always chaperoned by someone on their dates. This looks like it was a bit of hiking and a picnic, and naturally Jill and Derick are full of smiles.

Tuesday’s episode isn’t entirely about Derick and Jill’s wedding planning, though. Everybody will get to check in on Josh, Anna, and their kids. The family has been living in Washington, D.C., and everybody will be glad to see a bit from them as well.

As 19 Kids & Counting fans know, Jill and Derick got married on June 21 and they’re already expecting their first baby. Though they didn’t wait as long as some couples do to announce the news, they say they prayed over it and felt it was the right move to share it with fans. In addition, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are moving forward in their relationship too.

Jessa Duggar’s engagement ring has been wowing fans on social media as she accepted Ben Seewald’s proposal in mid-August. These two may have taken almost a year to progress in their courtship and get engaged, but they’re not waiting long to get married. They’ve shared that they will wed on November 1, and the wedding planning is well under way. Given that the Duggars just threw a big wedding for Jill in June, obviously planning a second in a short amount of time probably won’t be too difficult.

Tune in to new episodes Tuesday nights on TLC. While it may take the full season to finally see Jill Duggar marry Derick Dillard, fans are thrilled they get to go along for the ride. News from the Duggar family makes it clear that another season of 19 Kids & Counting after this one is definitely in store, so fans can see Jill and Derick’s baby as well as Jessa and Ben’s wedding.

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