Kim Kardashian Moment Of Modesty: Asks Fan To ‘Delete And Re-Take’ Instagram Picture

Kim Kardashian is not the first person who springs to mind when it comes to modesty, but during a store visit on Tuesday it would appear that there was a little too much flesh on show even for the queen of flesh flashing.

Joined by her husband Kanye West at a Yeesuz pop-up store in Melbourne, Australia, the 33-year-old KUWTK star did not disappoint her expectant fans as she wore a plunging black top and leather skirt.

With her more than generous assets on display, Kim controlled the hoards of adoring snap happy fans, ensuring all the pictures were flawless. At one point, she even told one fan to delete and retake a photo with her due to its revealing nature.

The lucky fan in question said, “Once she found out I wanted to put one on Instagram, she just wanted to make sure that it was appropriate.” Daniel Walker, 16, told the Daily Mail, that Kim Kardashian said, “would you mind if I quickly looked at it, just if it’s going on Instagram I want to make sure that nothing is too revealing.”

Kardashian said, “I don’t know if I really like that,” to which Walker replied “ya that’s fine.” At Which point Kardashian reportedly asked one of her entourage to view the snap, saying,”it’s really nice that you guys are so chilled.”

Even though hundreds of people were waiting expectantly to get a glimpse of the world-famous celebrity couple, allegedly, bouncers were forced to let just two people into the store.

A long line formed that started blocking Melbourne’s popular chapel street footpath. Young and old were seen waiting for hours, just to get a quick look inside Kanye’s fashion-forward pop-up shop.

Designed purely for Kanye’s Australian tour, the limited edition Yeesuz tour shirt was a big hit with the rappers’ enthusiastic fans, who snapped them up in no time.

The limited edition T-shirts feature a unique paint splash design with vibrant red juxtaposed against black fabric that certainly will be a big hit was the fans.

No doubt, we will be enjoying the pleasure of many more Kim Kardashian photos, both modest and not so modest, in the near future as we all know Kim is a sucker for attention.