Hilarious Video: ‘Weird Things All Couples Fight About’ [Watch]

BuzzFeed Yellow uploaded a new, hilarious video called “Weird Things All Couples Fight About.” The video has couples everywhere cracking up.

“Everyone who’s been in a long-term relationship knows it’s the little things that get on your nerves,” BuzzFeed Yellow explains. “From hanging the toilet paper to leaving their shoes out to simply deciding what to have to for dinner. Check out this series of weird fights every couple can relate to.”

In one scene The Girl, played by Elizabeth Triplett confronts The Guy, played by Justin Abarca, holding a pair of shoes. He doesn’t see why he should put his shoes away for the night when he’s just going to put them back on again in the morning. The Girl appears absolutely disgusted and explains that she doesn’t want his shoes just hanging out near her side of the bed all night.

The BuzzFeed video’s couple is so utterly realistic, it has most couples cracking up laughing.

Alexandra Chio tagged her apparent significant other on Facebook and wrote, “It’s almost like they followed us around with a camera.”

Mirroring the couple in the video, social media is fighting over more important reasons why one might put the silverware in the dishwasher pointed downward.

“Wow seriously? who has ever died by accidental fork impalement,” Michele Musselman wrote.

Buzzfeed video Weird Things All Couples Fight About has been called 100 perfect accurate. Still, while couples everywhere are laughing hysterically at BuzzFeed’s YouTube video, not everyone is laughing. Weird Things All Couples Fight About has almost 500,000 Facebook shares from BuzzFeed’s Facebook post as of Tuesday morning, but somewhere out there, at least 126 viewers gave the video a YouTube “thumbs down.”

A YouTube user going by the name Mr. Awesome wrote, “This is kiiind of a male chauvinist video… Plus, happy couples don’t fight over those things… At least not all of them…”

“You kidding me? My fiancee and I have been together 7 years,” YouTube user Mrtoothpick argued at Mr. Awesome. “We have petty arguments like this all day long, but we know it’s not really ‘fighting’ or ‘arguing.’ We end up laughing about it afterwards, or at videos like this that reflect us so well.”

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