Casey Anthony Absent In Zanaida Gonzalez Case, Ruling Expected In Thirty Days

Casey Anthony may have dodged prison when she was acquitted of the murder of Caylee Anthony in 2011, but her fifteen minutes in the spotlight are not necessarily over. Another high profile name that occurred over the course of her trial has brought her back in the spotlight again.

Casey Anthony may be best known for the lies she told prior to, during, and after her murder trial. Despite the tragic loss of the one thing that should have meant the world to her, she failed to show concern over the death of her daughter, remaining rather emotionless until pictures of her dead daughter were displayed in court. Her constant untruths coerced the armchair jurors and amateur forensic investigators to demonize her for the tragic death of Caylee. However, to their surprise, when Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder, she was able to walk away unscathed by the penalties of the courts. Instead, she will be forever tormented by the stigma behind her name and the feelings of hateful disgust that it conjures. This is a feeling that Zanaida Gonzales knows all too well, which is why she is suing Casey Anthony for defamation.

Zanaida, better known as Zanny the Nanny, rose to unfortunate fame when she was named by Casey Anthony during the trial as someone that cared for Kaylee and allowed her to be removed from her residence. Although Zanaida and Casey never actually met in real life nor did Caylee ever spend time in her care, she was labeled negatively and felt that she was owed some sort of retribution for the negative image that her name now provides her. According to Click Orlando, Zanaida’s life was ruined by Casey Anthony.

“The attorneys for Gonzalez claim her life was ruined after Anthony used a similar name for a fictitious nanny who she claimed had abducted her daughter, Caylee in 2008.”

The case of Zanaida vs. Casey was viewed by a federal judge on Monday, and he has stated that he will reveal his ruling within the next thirty days. Neither Casey Anthony or Zanaida Gonzales were present during the review of the case.

Interestingly enough, the lawyers who are defending the case are from the Morgan and Morgan Law Firm, the same firm that original Casey Anthony trial Judge Blevin Perry recently joined after stepping down from the bench and entering the private law sector.

What are your thoughts on the case of Zanaida vs Casey? Is this just a means to drag Casey’s name through the dirt more or does Zanaida have a legitimate case?

[Photo Courtesy: Dr. Jays]