WWE News: John Cena Calls Out The Undertaker On Monday Night Raw

Jon Fisher

Monday Night Raw had its ups and downs last night. The divas segment did provide great entertainment, especially when the crowd began to chant the patented, "Jerry! Jerry!" Meanwhile, Nikki and Brie Bella continued to fight in the ring. WWE ate up the pop he received and the great media exposure as well. Disregarding the brilliant steel cage match, Raw displayed two great moments.

Dolph Ziggler delivered a pretty strong promo that dealt with mostly comedy towards the Miz and Damien Mizdow. The main event involving Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns brought with it devastation. As for the actual match, it was pretty awful. Afterwards though, the chaos to ensue was masterful production.

John Cena

Onwards to the top segment of the night: John Cena and Paul Heyman battling each other with their words. WWE realized they created a monster when Cena came out and Heyman antagonized and instigated the 15-time WWE champion. However, what caught the eyes of many WWE fans watching was a reference towards the Undertaker from Cena.

The Undertaker was trending tonight on Twitter after John Cena mentioned him during the in-ring segment with Paul Heyman on RAW. Cena said Brock Lesnar defeated Taker at WrestleMania and six months later, we still haven't heard from him. Cena then said that Lesnar beat him at SummerSlam and Cena was back the next week ready to fight.

Many fans saw this as Cena taking a shot at The Undertaker or burying him live on RAW.

Many fans saw this as Cena taking a shot at The Undertaker or burying him live on RAW.

Both men on the mic were superb. Heyman tried to convince Cena to turn heel right on the spot. The advocating Jew continued to push Cena's buttons until he snapped, but in a recycled Cena way. The West Newbury, Mass-product talked about meeting military veterans and little kids with a wish and how that is a highlight of his week. Cena proclaimed that he would never turn heel, so that he can beat Brock Lesnar.

Speaking of Lesnar, he will make his return to Monday Night Raw next week to confront Cena before their epic clash at Night of Champions. For those that want to see "Cena vs. Lesnar 5," don't count on it. Rumor has it that the Big Show is next in line to tackle Lesnar.

Cena's future isn't in doubt, but nobody knows what is next for the 15-time WWE champion. They need to have Lesnar dominate Cena, or his championship reign will have been an epic failure. There shouldn't be outside interference, and Seth Rollins shouldn't cash-in. Let Lesnar be the Beast Incarnate and send the fans home furious. He's a heel, that's his job.

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