Man Puts Baby In Cooking Pot With Vegetables, Uploads Bizarre Video To YouTube!

YouTube is a place filled with some bizarre videos. This latest one believed to be uploaded by a user from Saudi Arabia might just take the cake for being most bizarre of them all. It might also easily take the crown of being the most insensitive videos ever posted online. The video in question shows a man opening a cooking pot filled with various vegetables – and sitting on the middle of the stack of vegetables is a little baby.

Yes, you heard that right, a baby!

The man is then seen pretending to cook the baby after which he says in Arabic;

“That’s what we are having for dinner today. This what we will eat today.”

According to Emirates 247, the man had a Saudi accent. It is unclear where the video was captured, but it is most likely that this was a crude joke by a Saudi national to please his family members. The voice of several children who are thought to be this man’s kids could be heard in the background. The voice of a woman is also heard, again in Arabic. She is heard saying…

‘Wait… just a minute.”

The video was first posted on to the page of an Arabic daily known as Sabq and was subsequently reported by Emirates 247. The Arabic language newspaper received several comments ridiculing the man for doing what he did – as expected of a video of this nature.

Here are a few comments – translated to English…

“May God not forgive him. We hope the authorities catch this man and punish him,” said a reader in a comment sent to the paper.

“What is going on these days? The hearts of some people have become like a stone.”

“Even if he is joking, this man certainly has no conscience, no religion and no brain.”

“It is clear this man has taken drugs. Whatever the case, may God damn him and I wish the authorities will get him.”

“Very cruel and brutal. This man is a beast. If you don’t care for your son, then bring him to me and we look after him.”

It is unclear at this time if the Saudi authorities would be investigating this matter and take any action against the man who uploaded this video.

[Image Via YouTube]