Ice Bucket Challenge Prank: Police Identify Teens Who Dumped Urine, Feces On Autistic Boy

An ALS Ice Bucket Challenged turned into a horror for an autistic teen who had feces and urine dumped on his head, and now police say they have the identity of the perpetrators of the cruel prank.

The incident took place in Bay Village, Ohio, just before the start of the school year. A group of teens reportedly lured the autistic boy to a home by telling him he had to compete in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But instead of dumping water and ice on him, the teens poured a bucket filled with feces, urine, spit and cigarette butts on the boy’s head.

“He didn’t want to and they said, ‘No, you have to. It’s a challenge.’ They had it all set up,” said the teen’s mother.

The teens then posted the cruel ice bucket challenge prank on Instagram, but the victim remained silent.

“He was afraid to tell us what happened. He was embarrassed. He was afraid,” said his father, David Mensen.

But when one of the boy’s friends showed the video to his parents they told police, and video of the incident went viral nationwide. A number of celebrities joined the cause to support the boy, with Drew Carey offering a reward for the identity of the ice bucket challenge prank perpetrators.

The local community also rallied behind the autistic teen, even holding a peaceful vigil to speak out against bullying.

“We wanted something positive to come out of a horrible act,” said Elizabeth Sweeney, a Bay High graduate who organized the rally. “We got an overwhelming response from everyone.”

On Monday, attorney Dean Valore and Bay Village schools superintendent Clint Keener told The Associated Press that police have identified the suspects involved in the cruel ice bucket challenge prank. The perpetrators may face delinquency charges, but Keener said the school district may be limited in its discipline because the incident happened before the school year started.