Marcus Grodd And Lacy Faddoul Update: How Is This ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Couple Doing Now?

Just as Bachelor in Paradise spoilers had indicated, Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul got engaged in the finale that aired Monday night. It was quite the whirlwind romance, but will it last? Fans are anxious for updates, and the two are already opening up about where things stand now.

Marcus and Lacy chatted with People to share some Bachelor in Paradise engagement updates. Grodd and Faddoul, who are both 26-years-old, say that they are now turning the show’s signature “YOPO” from “You Only Paradise Once” to “You Only Propose Once.” Is this couple for real? It just might be.

The two have been visiting one another throughout the time they had to keep their relationship secret via safe house visits. Lacy says that while it seems as if they can’t possibly know one another that well, they have calculated the hours they’ve spent together and she says it actually equates to about six months of real-life dating. Is that Lacy math again, or have they really thrown themselves that fully into this?

Marcus points out that with Bachelor in Paradise they didn’t have limits regarding how much time they could spend together like you have on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Lacy adds that it’s all about timing, and the relationship really came together naturally for them. When did they know they were in love? Faddoul says that for her, it was the moment she went to the hospital. Grodd adds that after that hospital visit, as he would fall asleep next to her, he knew he was falling in love.

Of course, the big question is when will the Bachelor in Paradise wedding be? As fans saw at the end of the finale, the two are still together, and Lacy is moving to Dallas. The show indicated that they are planning a spring wedding. Marcus tells People that they want to “wait a year to get married at least,” and they want to make sure they have time to do it right. Lacy adds that they want to enjoy their engagement, but they have already been talking about wedding details.

Does host Chris Harrison think Marcus and Lacy will last? He tells TV Guide that while it’s too soon to know for sure, he’d bet on them. He adds that they essentially became “an old married couple right away” and they stayed out of the drama. He adds that it was amazing to watch their romance develop.

As for the other couple left standing at the end, Michelle Money and Cody Sattler, they are still together too. As the show noted, Cody is indeed moving out to Utah to be with Michelle and her daughter Brielle. Unfortunately things didn’t go so well for Sarah Herron and Robert Graham, who shared some interesting tidbits via social media as the finale aired. ABC has just announced that Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 has already been made official, so everybody can start thinking about their dream cast.

Do you think Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul will get married? Who would you like to see on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise?

[Image via ABC]