Ashton Irwin Imitates Calum Hood By Uploading His Own 'Nude' Photo

Benjamin Simon

After a recent scandal involving nude photos of Calum Hood going viral through Vine, another 5 Seconds of Summer band member has decided to follow suit by posting a nude of his own. Possibly trying to tease his buddy Calum, Ashton Irwin recently posted a shirtless photo of himself on Twitter, according to Classicalite.

Ashton labeled the post of him flashing his nipple with the caption "side bewb," which seems to be a clear reference to Calum's nude photo leak. Ashton is also making a ridiculous face, proving the picture wasn't posted as a serious, sexy selfie, but rather a tongue-in-cheek jab at his bandmate Calum. Since it's upload on September 4, the photo has been favorited more than 84,000 times and retweeted more than 47,000 times.

Classicalite calls Ashton's "nude" post an attempt at one-upping Calum Hood to get more media attention on himself, possibly to draw fire from Hood's scandal, or perhaps even as a reference to the Fappening -- the massive leak of celebrity nudes. The Inquisitr recently reported on Ashton's thoughts on the nude photo leak. While his comments were vague and subtle, it does seem like Ashton forgives Calum for the mistake.

After all, Calum must have assumed Snapchat was safe to use to send nudes to someone, since the app is most famous for deleting photos only a few seconds after they are sent. But the girl Calum sent the nude photos filmed them and put them up on Vine. A forensic expert recently explained to MTV News why Snapchat is not safe at all for users like Calum who want to send unsavory photos.

"A forensic researcher found that Snapchat doesn't actually delete expired snaps off of phones at all. It merely hides them. Let that sink in again: Snapchat doesn't actually delete expired snaps off of phones at all. It merely hides them."

Calum and his band are keeping busy either way, already working on their second album right after the release of their first.

Unreality TV spoke to the members of 5SOS and gathered a list of quirky facts about Calum, Ashton, and the others. For one, Calum Hood has no hair on his legs, a fact the nude photos surprisingly didn't reveal. Ashton believes Calum probably has the best butt of all the 5SOS band members, but that too was left to the imagination in the leaked photos. Calum also admitted that if he had to date any member of the band, it would be Michael Clifford.

For more on Calum Hood and 5SOS, check back with The Inquisitr.

— Ashton Irwin (@Ashton5SOS) September 4, 2014