Gang Viciously Attacks Couple Outside Nightclub [Surveillance Video]

A group of six men brutally attacked a couple outside a Springfield, Missouri, bar.

Fortunately, cops showed up immediately after the apparently unprovoked beatdown, but the suspects remain at large.

Victim Meredith Cole reportedly claims that the gang began sexually assaulting her outside the Outland Ballroom at about midnight. She managed to get away from them and went back in to seek help from her boyfriend, Alex Vessey, who was working as a DJ at the club.

When they went outside to try to identify the alleged assailants, the melee started. Vessey took the brunt of the attack as the men punched and stomped him. See embed below. Both Cole and Vessey, who were left with large bruises on their faces, received treatment for what was described as serious injuries at a local hospital. Cole, who is the mother of a 16-month-old child, also suffered a fractured ankle in the attack that she characterized as “pretty brutal.”

The New York Daily News provided the following description of the violence.

“Video shows one brute run up and sucker punch Vessey in the head as they wrangle the couple towards a wall in an alley. The rest of the gang joins in, indiscriminately throwing punches, including at least one that struck Cole in the face.”

Said Vessey about the incident, “As soon as we started walking that way about halfway down they jumped on top of me. She tried to get them off my and they assaulted her too. I wasn’t scared. I was just mad that it was happening kind of unbelievable that people act like that.”

As far as who the suspects were, Cole surmised, “We think they were just one of the rap groups that were at the Outland Ballroom.” Cole also rejected the possibility that the incident might have been a racially motivated hate crime.

The incident occurred on August 22, but police have just released the surveillance footage in hopes that the public can help identify the suspects.

With regard to this incident, a Springfield police spokeswoman stated that “the male victim was upset with a group of males for allegedly ‘disrespecting his girlfriend’ at a bar and confronted the group about it outside the bar. Where that happened is unclear; the assault happened as the victims walked alone and were hit from behind. The victims sustained serious injuries after they were assaulted by multiple black males, including the one dressed in black clothing and red shoes.”