Britney Spears’ Ex David Lucado Cheated On Her With Who!?

Britney Spears used to be very private about her relationships when she was younger, but now, with the rise of social media, Spears decided to air out her dirty laundry. Once the news broke that her now ex-boyfriend David Lucado cheated on her, the pop singer took to Instagram to record a video to confirm the news. She also spoke about the split on the stage in Las Vegas.

The initial reports said that Lucado was seen kissing another woman. The video, which was being shopped around at the time, got into the hands of Britney’s camp, and as a result, the video of the incident has not been leaked. Although Lucado didn’t want to break up with Britney, she wouldn’t take his excuses and immediately ended their relationship after finding out about the infidelity.

Now details have emerged on the mystery woman that Lucado cheated on Britney Spears with and diehard fans aren’t going to be too happy. According to TMZ, the singer’s ex cheated on her with pornstar Cali Lee.

According to TMZ, David met the adult film star at a bar right near Spears’ home. When footage became available of Lucado with Cali Lee, Britney’s father bought the footage. At the time, David and Britney were going out for a year and a half, but according to David, they were on a break.

When it was initially reported that David had cheated, his rep reached out to TMZ to say, “David is very, very in love with Britney. This is unfortunate and he hopes that it all works out.”

It appears that Britney isn’t taking Lucado back, and instead is seeking revenge at the recording studio. As one fan pointed out, this is a trend that usually results in a new studio album from Britney. So really, this might be the best thing that has happened to Britney, and her fans that are anticipating her return to the Billboard charts.

It looks like Spears has been getting some r&r with her real friends following her painful split. She’s even sharing a lot of her photos recently on her personal Twitter and Instagram accounts.

When Spears isn’t in the studio, she’s headlining her own show Britney Spears: A Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

[Image via Hello magazine]