Flight MH370: Deliberate Interference Happening In Investigation, Claims Passenger’s Girlfriend

There’s deliberate interference on the part of those heavily involved in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, according to a girlfriend of one of the passengers. In an interview with NBC News, Sara Bajc speaks out about the troubling investigation and what she thinks it all means.

Bajc’s boyfriend, Philip Wood, was one of 239 passengers aboard the Boeing 777 that went missing on March 8. She’s among 350 other relatives of passengers who would like original data from Flight MH370 investigators transferred to an independent source to launch their own investigation into what happened.

“Our opinion, the family members’ opinion, has been the same since the very beginning that we need an independent investigating group who has access to all the native information, so including military radar records, to be able to go back and start the investigation from the beginning to see if we can find out what happened.”

Bajc’s gut feeling is that no one will ever know what really happened to the plane.

“I think that if the existing investigation team is left in charge … we may not ever find the plane. Because I believe there are active steps being taken to interfere with finding the plane.”

Wood’s girlfriend admits she’s unable to nail down exactly what she’s trying to say; she surmises that it’s the fact nothing has been handed over. It appears something is being hidden from the rest of the world.

“We don’t know why or what is being covered up, but something is being covered up,” Bajc says.

Until there’s proof of a body or some form of wreckage from the plane, she refuses to believe that her boyfriend is dead. Bajc will be more accepting of the fact that he’s gone if some evidence is produced that Flight MH370 went down.

Sara Bajc adds that she doesn’t believe that cost plays a factor in search efforts. She’s pushing all airlines to consider installing a round-the-clock GPS tracking of aircraft. This would be an “inexpensive” option, she says.

“I don’t buy the issue of cost. Every single entertainment system in the back of the seat of an airplane costs $15,000. And you got how many seats on an airplane? So they can afford to give us movies, but they can’t afford to keep track of where the plane is going and at what speed and what height it is? I don’t buy that. Besides, you can put a GPS tracking device in your dog for $75.”

As BBC News reports, along with several other sources, there’s no “official version” of what happened. It’s a “modern-day mystery.”

In other news about the relatives of passengers who were on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, The Inquisitr reports that Chines efamily members are being beaten by police.

[Image via Mirror U.K.]