Teresa Giudice Selling NJ House: Teresa And Joe List Mansion Ahead Of Hearing

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are selling their NJ house. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey stars have decided to list their mansion in Towaco, New Jersey, just weeks before they head to court. According to TMZ, the pair have listed their home for $3.99 million. The couple purchased the home for $530K in 2002 and renovated it for six years before moving in. Previously, it was believed that the couple was “under water” in the home.

On Oct. 3, both Joe and Teresa will learn their fate in a federal fraud case. Both of them face jail time after a plea deal, but the general consensus is that Teresa will get probation while Joe will go to prison for three to five years. The couple is expected to have to pay restitution that could total over a million dollars, which could be why they’ve decided to sell their home.

Teresa Giudice selling her NJ house is not that surprising, mainly because she has made mention of moving on the current season of RHONJ. Teresa has filmed a lot of emotional moments for RHONJ. On Sunday night, the first episode of real Giudice drama aired. Bravo filmed the couple going to court and aired Teresa’s statement read by her attorney.

According to NJ.com, Teresa was seen laying on her bedroom floor praying, and during one of her “confessionals,” she said, “I can’t believe that this is my life.” Although Teresa did break the law, she likely didn’t expect this to ever catch up to her… and probably not in this way.

“I know who Joe and I are. We’re good people, and in my heart and in my soul, I will make sure this is right, whatever right means.”

According to The Inquisitr, there have been several rumors that Teresa and Joe are going to divorce pending the results of the hearing. It seems obvious that selling their home is in preparation for something, but what that might be is not clear. Teresa could be downsizing because Joe is going to jail and she can’t afford to live in her mansion with her four kids on one income. The couple could also be planning to pay back a lot of money, so they need to sell their home in order to keep themselves from being in severe debt.

Teresa and Joe are going to live very different lives after Oct. 2, no matter what the outcome of the hearing is. The move alone is pretty huge. However, if Teresa doesn’t go to jail and she’s able to stay with her four daughters without being locked up, that’s the best she can hope for at this point.

Are you surprised that Teresa Giudice is selling her NJ house?

[Photo courtesy of Teresa Giudice / Instagram]