Casey Anthony Lawsuit: Defamation Suit Could Shed Light On Her Controversial Lifestyle

Casey Anthony will have to wait a bit longer to find out if she owes the woman she once accused of abducting her daughter, Caylee. However, if the case moves forward, it could mean even more controversy for her.

A judge in Florida said Monday he would not rule on whether a case by Zenaida Gonzalez can move forward. Attorneys for Gonzalez claim that Casey Anthony ruined her life when she used a similar name for a fake nanny she claimed abducted daughter Caylee.

Gonzalez wants Anthony to pay for defamation, and said she doesn’t want the debt Casey owes discharged with the other debts erased when Casey filed for bankruptcy.

If the defamation lawsuit moves forward, it could mean even more controversy for Casey Anthony. Gonzalez and her attorneys want the case to go to trial, where they could likely ask about the alleged sources of revenue Casey has found since her 2011 acquittal.

Casey has tried to stay away from the spotlight for the last three years, but she has been the subject of sporadic sightings in Southern Florida, including reports that she has been seen drinking at bars and partying.

A local private eye and blogger, Bill Warner, said she appears to be living a carefree lifestyle.

“Casey Anthony supposed sighting in Morton’s Grocery Store Sarasota FL and rumors that she parties and frequents bars on Siesta Key within walking distance to her rental house, her Florida drivers license has expired.”

The funding for her drinking and partying could come up in the defamation trial. A source claimed that Casey Anthony is able to maintain her carefree lifestyle thanks to “a few benefactors” who are enamored with her and “pay for everything.” If Gonzalez seeks restitution for the alleged defamation, she may require Casey to disclose the total amount of the donations.

A Florida judge said will decide in the next 30 days whether the Casey Anthony defamation lawsuit will move forward.