‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: ‘Never Give Up On The People You Love’

Once Upon a Time spoilers have been released by the show’s creators, Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis. While the guys didn’t reveal too much about what Season 4 has in store, they did give a few hints as to what’s going to go on. According to TV Line, Frozen is going to be a pretty big storyline this season, but most Oncers already knew that. So what is going to happen when Elsa and Anna come to town?

“Somebody [in Storybrooke] will be unhappy to see them, and somebody will be thrilled to see them,” explained Kitsis (even though that didn’t really “explain” much at all!!). The addition of the new characters is “incredibly relevant” to what happened in Season 3, he added, which does give people something to go on. Could that mean that there is a connection with Zelena or with Peter Pan? Anything is possible.

Once Upon a Time spoilers go on to discuss the relationships that Emma has with Hook and the one that Regina has with Robin Hood. Emma and Hook will be put to the test and they will either make it or break it. Fans totally hope they make it… but many still miss Neal and want something else for Emma. As for Regina, she is faced with losing her one true love because his wife is back from the dead, er, the Enchanted Forest. While most fans feel terrible for Regina, Kitsis doesn’t seem to think that Marian’s return is going to be a bad thing overall.

“It’s going to be complicated and messy, but we hope it’s a hot mess,” Kitsis said.

According to The Epoch Times, the new season is going to give Oncers a deeper look into Belle’s past. Actress Frances O’Conner has been cast as Belle’s mother, and her character is not someone who anyone is familiar with, so expect to be amazed. Perhaps there will be a twist here and Belle’s mother will be somehow connected to another character on the show.

Once Upon a Time spoilers have been leaking here and there as the Season 4 premiere draws near (September 28). As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another piece to Season 4 has been revealed. The fairytale classic The Princess and the Frog might be sneaking in some airtime during the new season of the show as well.

The overall theme for Season 4 is “Never give up on the people you love.” Will you be watching the new season of the show? Do you have any theories on what might happen?

[Photo courtesy of ABC/Katie Yu]