Study Reveals Average Internet User Has Underprotected Digital Assets Worth $37,000

Consumers place an average value of $37,438 on their “digital assets” across multiple digital devices, yet more than a third lack protection. In the US, people valued their assets at nearly $55,000, according to research firm MSI International after surveying more than 3,000 consumers in 10 countries.

It should be noted here that digital devices here refers not to computers but to other Internet-enabled devices like unprotected smartphones and tablets. In fact, 25 percent of consumer Internet users now own at least five devices per household, with 60 percent owning at least three.

Despite the high financial and emotional value of their assets stored in various places, 32 percent of the consumers who don’t use security protection on all of their devices still don’t think they need it.

Gary Davis, director of consumer product marketing at McAfee, stressed the need to secure all fronts:

“Consumers recognize the value of their digital assets. While they are more likely to secure their PCs, they often neglect protection for their other Internet-enabled devices. It’s like installing an expensive home security alarm on the front door, but leaving the windows and back door wide open. It just takes one open window to allow a virus, hacker, or identity thief to wipe out all the digital assets on any given device, having their personal and financial info compromised as a result.”

Is your smartphone and tablet secured? Do you even care securing it? Remember, the emotional value of your digital assets far outweigh its cost.