‘Transformers 5’ Cast, Plot: What Losing Michael Bay Might Mean

The Transformers 5 cast and plot could be changing along with the loss of Michael Bay. It was recently revealed that the long-time director of the franchise is stepping down due to not having the time or the energy for another film.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the loss of Michael Bay could make some positive changes happen, though the loss of Mark Wahlberg could pose a problem.

Wahlberg gave one of the best performances the franchise has seen, making him a believable father and mechanic who just happened to discover Optimus Prime in Age of Extinction.

It is currently unknown who might replace him or the rest of the cast if they follow Michael Bay’s lead, but the critics might see hope in the latter’s departure.

This change could affect the Transformers 5 release date though.

With Bay out of the director’s chair, who will lead the Transformers 5 cast from here? One suggestion would be Guillermo del Toro, whose mastery of action films is evident in such beloved films like Blade 2, Hellboy and Pacific Rim. The latter of those is a perfect example of why we might make a good replacement for the last two films. Guillermo is no stranger to action movies featuring giant robots.

Another director who might helm the next movie could be Shawn Levy, the man behind the Hugh Jackman robot film Real Steel. It had heart, something that critics might say has been lacking in the Transformers films, but it also had CG robots boxing each other. Taking over the Transformers 5 cast and plot could be a natural transition.

If you haven’t seen Age of Extinction, the next part could contain spoilers.

While Age of Extinction ended with the question of who the “creators” would be, it has been heavily suggested that the new Transformers trilogy is leading up to a final battle with Unicron, mirroring the animated film from back before we’d ever heard of Michael Bay.

The introduction of Galvatron and redesign of several mechanical characters seems a lot like that animated first film. It seems that we might also see the rise of some more fan favorite Autobots like Rodimus Prime (Hot Rod after he accepted the Matrix of Leadership), Metroplex, and possibly Primus (the Autobot equivalent of Unicron).

It was rumored that the Transformers 5 plot could involve Optimus Prime’s journey through space while the Autobots continue to defend the humans on Earth. This indicates that there will be a need for a new leader, and a new character, possibly Sparkplug Witwicky. This nod to Shia LaBeouf‘s character might turn a literal hot rod into an Autobot using technology from KSI. He may then infuse it with the Matrix which Optimus Prime could have left behind in another’s care (possibly Bumblebee).

Who might play the role of Sparkplug Witwicky though? His appearance might spark a cameo by LaBeouf as part of the new Transformers 5 cast, tying it even closer to the storyline of the earlier films.

Nothing is truly known yet about the next film, but who would you choose to be the Transformers 5 cast?

[image via Deviantart, Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com]