WWE News: WWE Diva Rosa Mendes Claims She Will Be Nude On Total Divas TV Show

In what can only be described as too hot for PG, it seems that WWE Diva Rose Mendes will be giving men a reason to watch WWE’s Total Divas show if they are not watching yet. The Latin Bombshell has been with WWE for years but has been used quite sparingly. Rumors claim that Rosa has never really been fired because she’s harmless and usually not good enough to take anyone’s spot.

Rosa feels she is good enough to be a Diva’s Champion one day, but I think we can all wait for that one. WWE’s Total Divas premiered on E! this past Sunday and showed Rosa as a new addition to the cast. WWE added Summer Rae to the cast last year, and it seemed to add a lot to the program, so the addition of Rosa will be interesting. They are calling her a former WWE Diva as she is working her way back into WWE’s main roster.

They talk about her absence and where she has been along with a lot of other stuff. However, what might be interesting is what Rosa claimed in an interview with Sports Town Chicago. She spoke about everything from life to what we can expect from her on Total Divas. What caught most eyes was when she claimed she would be nude on the show.

“I’m a free spirit. I tell it likes it is. If I’m happy about something I’m very vocal about it. I do what I want, when I want, and a lot of the girls aren’t used to that kind of behavior from me. I’ve been away for a year and a half dealing with personal issues. I’m in the best shape of my life. Most of the time everything we do in our daily routines [is filmed]. I’m walking around naked, that’s my thing, and the cameras were there … I’m sure if someone is more private, that will affect them, but for me it hasn’t affected me at all. I actually love the attention.”

Rosa Mendes, sea

I’m sure we could easily make a lot of psychological claims and analysis over her “loving the attention”, but I think it’s better said that she is at least being smart with the promotion of the show. She knows that this will get people watching the show, at least men if they aren’t yet doing so. A lot of women love Total Divas, even non-WWE fans. This has been great for WWE as it has helped them bring in a female audience that they have not had the opportunity to reach.

Marketing wise, Total Divas has been a huge help for WWE. On top of that, E! Network loves the show, and it is one of their highest rated shows. Telling people you will probably be nude a lot is a good promotional tool as men will surely want to see something like that. Do keep in mind, E! is not the Playboy Channel. Things will be blurred or shot so that Rosa will not be exposed completely.

Sorry to all the men disappointed by that.

It does seem Rosa likes to show off her body, a recent wardrobe malfunction on WWE Main Event seemed to really bring a lot of attention to her. While Rosa has never been known as a great wrestler or performer, she is beautiful. If her character is one that uses her body to get noticed, I think she is playing the role well. However, I am not sure how PG this can be, WWE. That being said; good job WWE.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, IGN.com]