Google to buy NBC in ‘09 so says Glick

Oh man the funny shit just won’t quit rolling in today. First it was the porn industry looking for a few billion dollar bailout. Then comes word that Joe the Plumber is going to be a war correspondent for conservative new media PajamasMedia. Now we have Fox Business News personage Alexis Glick throwing out her business predictions for 2009 on her blog.

Number 2 on her list of 10 predictions is the one where she suggests that her previous employer NBC will get sold to Google

2. A major network gets sold in 2009. My bet is NBC.

NBC will get sold to Google in 2009. In a deteriorating credit environment, a collapse in equity valuations, a need to cut costs, shed assets and address the bleeding at GE Capital, Jeff Immelt will sell NBC to Google. Immelt will be forced to sell the one asset he has said that he had no plans of selling when NBC’s Network Television ratings continue to slide and declining advertising dollars leave little room for growth.

Look old media might be having a few problems but I just don’t see any of them; let alone NBC, going running into the arms of companies like Google. Of course she couldn’t let good enough alone with that but had to throw in a celeb prediction at number 10

10. Brangelina take the plunge and says their I do’s

It wouldn’t be a top ten predictions list without a little Hollywood glamour. Last year, I predicted Ellen Page would winner a Golden Globe and Academy Award for her performance in Juno. She did not win either but her star is still rising. This year The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will deliver Brad Pitt a new award to place on his mantle. His performance was outstanding. It was by far one of my favorite movies this year. And it’s not just because he’s cute ! Let me not forget the beautiful and wildly talented Angelina Jolie who is the envy of just about every woman. Is it possible to look that good after delivering three babies? While I have yet to see Changeling, I hear her performance was outstanding. Might they both walk away with an award for their tremendous performances? I wouldn’t doubt it. Despite claims that they would wait to tie the knot until same sex marriages were legal or until there kids requested it, the time has come for them to tie the knot. Don’t expect it to be glitzy and glamorous. I expect it will be quiet, elegant and a small family and friend affair which will make them once again the most watched couple in 2009


Maybe she should stick to doing celeb predictions because I think that has a better chance of coming true.