Batman: Arkham Knight Finally Gets A Solid Release Date, Collectors Edition Goodies

Well, Batman fans, we’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is that we’ve finally got a release date for Batman: Arkham Knight, the new-gen-only Batman video game that looks to blow the series wide open. The bad news… Well, about that release date…

You’re going to have to wait until June of 2015 in order to get your hands on the Batmobile and Arkham Knight‘s vast Gotham City, apparently. This according to the official Twitter account for Arkham Knight. Fortunately, the next Batman game will be at least be debuting early in June. June 2nd, to be exact. So there’s that.

Monday’s news squashed hopes that the game might see an earlier release. Those hopes for an earlier Arkham Knight were engendered by some apparently loose talk from Kevin Conroy, who provides the voice of Batman in the Arkham series of games. Speaking with Groovey TV, Conroy seemingly confirmed that Arkham Knight would see release in January of 2015.

Even that date was a disappointment for fans of the Arkham series, as we had initially been promised a Fall 2014 release window. Now, it turns out, we’ll have to wait almost a year past the initially promised launch period to get our next Batman fix. At the very least, the delay will allow more people to save up and pick up one of the new-gen systems, ensuring that they’re ready when Arkham Knight launches in June.

Just why are people so psyched for Arkham Knight? The Arkham series, more so than any other game, gives you the chance to really be Batman. Players get access to all of his gadgets and complete control over his fighting style. The first Arkham game was a true breath of fresh air in terms of licensed comic book games, and it blew players away. Subsequent games have expanded on what Arkham Asylum began, giving players a bigger and more open world, as well as access to more gadgets and techniques.

Arkham Knight looks to be the biggest Batman game yet, with players being able to explore a massive Gotham City on foot, from the rooftops, and by Batmobile.

Whenever the game does actually debut – and indications are that the June 2 date should be solid – Arkham faithful will have the option to buy not only the regular retail version of Arkham Knight, but also one of two Collector’s Editions.

The first, Newsarama points out, will cost $100 and will come with a custom art book, a limited edition comic book, three unique character skins, and a Batman memorial statue.

The other version will cost $200. That one will come with the same goodies seen in the $100 package, but the statue will be a fully transformable Batman statue.

Batman Arkham Knight
Batman Arkham Knight will launch on June 2 with two Collector's Edition options.