Bruce Jenner Bans Kylie And Kendall From Chris Brown?

Allegedly, Bruce Jenner has no love for Chris Brown — period. And to demonstrate his disdain for the “troublemaker,” Bruce has banned his daughters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, from hanging out with Breezy.

As if rumors of a sex-change and dressing in drag wasn’t enough for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians patriarch — methinks — the latest gossip from an OK! source said Bruce insists that his teen daughters stay far away from the X singer — for their own good.

“Bruce doesn’t want his baby girls anywhere near Chris and his friends.”

So why is Bruce Jenner singling out Chris Brown with Kendall and Kylie’s ban? Just blame it on a bit of fatherly-love, perhaps.

Meanwhile, Bruce has offloaded all the blame on his estranged wife, Kris Jenner (as if she hasn’t enough on her plate to contend with). Moreover, he is pushing her into a corner with a guilt-trip by suggesting she is responsible for the girls’ poor decisions, according to the insider.

“Bruce told
 Kris she’d better back him 
in banning the girls from spending any more time with Chris Brown and that it’s not negotiable.”

And what exactly does Bruce mean by “poor” decisions? Could it be Papa Jenner’s disapproval of Kendall Jenner posing completely nude for photographer Russell James and months ago for famed photog Mario Sorrenti?

Or was it when the 18-year-old high-fashion model dropped her last name recently, allegedly, to distance herself from her famous — but controversial — family? And further still, was it when Kendall allegedly put her diva attitude on full-display recently by walking out on her bill and threw money at the server?

As for Kylie, maybe Bruce is not thrilled about rumors claiming that she and Young Money (YMCMB) rapper Tyga are dating. But it seems that the girls hanging with a topless Miley Cyrus over the weekend is enough to stir any father raising girls.

Bruce Jenner’s so-called banning of Kendall and Kylie from Chris Brown is a bit odd, given the pair are notorious for hanging out with a wide mix of entertainers, several of whom you wouldn’t mind bringing home to dinner in the KUWTK household — others, not so much. That said, if Brown is the first name on Jenner’s no-fly-zone list — and there are more coming down the pipeline — arguably, it makes sense.

However, if Bruce is attempting to raise his daughters in a vacuum and believes a Brown-ban is a panacea for bringing up blemish-free daughters, he’s in for a daddy-shocker.

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